The Seattle Anarchist Book Fair is an opportunity for old friends to come together, new connections be made, and for those new to anarchy to have an opportunity to engage with the many and varied perspectives of what has been called the Beautiful Idea.

While anarchists are often portrayed through our direct confrontations with the state and capitalism, a book fair allows a space where people have more of an opportunity to converse, exchange ideas and, hopefully, learn from each other.

Here we can find commonalities and intersecting goals, as well as further flesh out those places where our individual projects and desires diverge.


Updated July 22, 2017. List for 2018 will be available in October.

The book fair organizers want to encourage all anarchist, autonomous voices, so there will be some DIY tabling spaces offered outside as mutual aid. Please check in with us online or the organizers and the info desk during the event to request a DIY table and helping out.


Send us your workshops and talk proposals by October 15th!

We are excited to host a variety of talks, discussions, and workshops at the 2018 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair--November 17th ...
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We are excited to have some great workshops and talks at the book fair this year. Here are the descriptions: ...
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Answers to frequently asked questions, updated for 2018. Is the Book Fair accessible? Yes. The Vera Project is wheelchair-accessible. The ...
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Send us your workshop and talk proposals by July 10

One of the most exciting aspects of the book fair is the variety of talks, discussions, and workshops we have ...
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The 2018 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair will take place at The Vera Project.

The Vera Project is located at Seattle Center, on the corner of Warren Ave North and Republican St.

Here is a map.


Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Note: To request a table please use the table application instead.