Updated July 22, 2017. List for 2018 will be available in October.

The book fair organizers want to encourage all anarchist, autonomous voices, so there will be some DIY tabling spaces offered outside as mutual aid. Please check in with us online or the organizers and the info desk during the event to request a DIY table and helping out.

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  1. Great question! $70 for a full table or $35 for a half table for the weekend. Tables are (I think) 8′ long. Money from the book fair goes not only to covering our costs but also to supporting other projects and individuals we feel affinity for. We have yet to finalize which groups this year, but last year the money went to supporting those resisting the PNW Grand Jury, the Prison Douala Project, and

    If the cost of a table is prohibitive, please get in touch with us privately via email, and we can discuss options.

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